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Purpose of creation of a site?

The idea to create a site, unlike the others, has appeared to me recently. We live in a multiple chess world, and one must enable representatives of different directions of chess ideas and also chess players of different qualification and age to express themselves and to be observed! I invite everybody to constructive dialogue on chess themes.

Who makes the site?

The site is creates by the author of idea, and also by friends-adherents, whom I am very grateful. I have found support as well among the chess players of high qualification, masters and grandmasters. You will find their materials on pages of the site. I believe the circle of the colleagues, interested in a chess work, will extend more.

What you will find only here?

Certainly the "highlight" of my site, is a catalogue of the chess literature, which in due course, I hope, will become in due course, the complete list of books and periodical newspapers, magazines and reports issued more than for three-century history of printing in Russia. It is planned to make reviews of the most significant tournaments held not only in St.Petersburg, but in other cities and countries as well... In section "Academy" Theoretical articles, reviews of tournaments, and commented games will be offered in a section "Academy". The skilled trainers and grandmasters with pleasure will inform with pleasure of their secrets and help those wishing to raise their chess power!

Whom is the site counted on?

The site is made up in such a manner that any chess player can become at desire both reader, and co-author of a project... Chess amateurs and average players will receive necessary information on tournaments being carried out and planned theoretical reviews and commented games, other various information of the work of chess clubs of city, area, the Russian Federation and other countries... Special attention will be given to the bibliophiles (book-lovers), collectors of chess publications who want to improve their chess skill and mastership! I shall be very grateful to everybody for the information on possible discrepancies in my chess catalogue, and also for the items of information on chess books and magazines published (wherever they would be), especially in Russian. Assistance will be rendered to those wishing to buy, to sell, to exchange chess editions, and also chess accessories things whenever possible.

So, welcome please!

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