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Yury Ryzhkov, Russian Master

Chess literature market in the country is saturated and being filled up` constantly with new interesting publications.

A book "The Divine chess" by Yury Petrovich Ryzhkov, Petersburg's Soviet chess sports master, is of special interest among them. Yury Petrovich worked at this book more than five years, having read and checked up of order 400 books for trustworthiness on the basis of true criteria. Chess players evaluate this titanic work differently: from "it is interesting" and "it may not be" up to "an abstruse book!". No wonder, "how many people, so many opinions". I have decided as they say, to clear up the situation and get answers at first hand.

Yury Petrovich why have you written this book, what has served as an impulse, stimulus to its "birth"?

1. In the magazine "Chess in the USSR" No.2, 1949 there was published a story "Plastic art out of ivory", by A. P. Kazantsev, chess composition master, which revealed on two pages that the Pythagorean proposition was proved on the chessboard 2500 years ago in India, i. e., considerably earlier than the time when the great Pythagoras lived. In rendering a reproduction of the theorem with auxiliary lines the simplicity of demonstration by an Indian method became evident at once. So nearly half an age I have been interested in the history of chess, its sources ideas, gathering the lost knowledge grain by grain. By the way, M. Tal at his school years when he familiarized himself with a fine chess solution that "the Pythagorean pantaloons are equal on all sides" was shaken greatly: A natural question arises: where all the same did chess appear from? Well-known English orientalist Harold Murray in his fundamental work "The history of Chess" (Oxford, England) asserts categorically that chess originated in 570 A.D. India, i.e., practically not so long ago. Such an assertion is not in accordance with chronologies of the Pythagorean proposition and magical chess squares.

Other historians E. Gizhinsky and I.M. Linder who reveal other sides of origin and development of the wise game practically refer to the same Harold Murray. N.M. Rudin only in his book "From a magic square to chess" Moscow, 1969, shows mathematical relationship between chess figures and a chess board.

This relationship is displayed in more relief on a magic square "64". I clear up the thought to those who do not know that the magic square is the same chessboard, but it is written out with ciphers from 1 to 64 in a definite order. And here then a striking picture stands out in relief when the first two symmetrical moves in the Scotland, Spanish, Vienna games, in English opening, Sicilian and four-Knight defense maintain a cipher constant of the square. It is equal to 260 (!) on any horizontal, vertical, on two main diagonals in the magic square.

At its time I consulted M.Botvinnik who was busy with designing a chess computer (electronic calculation machine) helped by computer program worker, chess master, A. Bitman. These are our sources, our pioneer-designers of electron calculation machines whose task consisted in forming and optimizing a clear-cut program of the computer.

M.Botvinnik was seeking for optimization of connections between figures, their estimate machine cost, figure move tracing (direction). Studying the proceedings of the eminent authors, personal consultations led me up a blind alley in creative work: I could not find ideas, ways, sources of origin of wise game. So only for the last ten years I have looked through and worked at move than 400 books and I have faced at majestic figure of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice Greatest of the Greatest: If you study the history of chess as that archeology with finding separate figures, then, in my view, it (half)-opens the history of chess in no way. And comparison of the history of chess with ways of human development has permitted to solve all problems. Thus, Harold Murray asserts: "Chess originated in 570 A.D." But why? Because of that alone that no tracks of chess were found out in India and so on in the earlier times.

Arch important moment! As it turned out, up to 570 A.D. Huns had forayed and ravaged all India. Wars, as we know, are accompanied, in the first turn, by destruction and plunder, of cultural articles, that is why nothing was kept as well. The modern war in Iraq has brought already to robbery of cultural and archaeological values of Iraq, destruction of ancient artifacts of the first civilizations of the humanity after the Flood: those of Shumers, Accads, Bablonians in Mesopotamia. N.M.Rudin says straight for ward: "The history of chess should be moved back into ancient times:" Our first chess master A.D. Petrov docs: "Chess as a science was still known to ancient priests of Egypt". Academician Zacaria Sidchin (USA) who has studied the library of czar Ashurbanipal, proves that humanity was cloned by heaven dwellers of the twelfth planet of the Solar system. By the way, czar Ashurbanipal's library (25000 burnt bricks with in scriptions in ancient Ivrit, Shumer and Accad in the British Museum, London) is as you know, from Mesopotamia, valley between the Tiger and Ephratus of Iraq, and one can only deplore unfound and perishing in the fire of war ancient treasures. The heaven-dwellers gave us everything: mathematics, music and musical instruments, ethical code, etc. Hermes Trismegistus gave the humanity an alphabet.

The last researches of scientists, linguists, confirm that the alphabet on Earth is united: Maya, Latin, Phoenician, Ugorits, Russian languages have a common form, a scheme of chemical formulae of amino-acids of the albumen which enter a molecule of the human DNK! And it turned out on basis of Z. Sidchin's research that chess was given us by our creators, masters of human clone (cloning).

2. Great Pyramids in Egypt are a very complex monument of ancient civilizations which had resisted a final deciphering for the last 100 (hundred) years. They serve as a reminder to the humanity about mysteries of the Universe layout. I believe that chess is a second complex monument which helps the humanity to cognize the Universe. A simple example: If ever have I asked anybody: "What's it a chess knight?" I have been answered: "The chess knight moves as a letter - " Г ". Compare: the chessboard of line construction consists of horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines. And all figures move by lines. And the Knight, excuse me for the expression, leaps like a flea. A tailored trait: great Euler still studied a problem of the chess Knight, i.e., how to move inside-round the chessboard 63 times and not to repeat the moves. The like problems with other figures make up the essence of combinations tasks and help to form a computer program. The figure "chess knight" personates a monument of the ancient civilizations. It measures the chessboard by small triangles, leaping three squares up and two ones to the right and to the left. In constructing a triangle three by two, he determined angles! They proved to be well-known; coupled with the angles of Cheops' pyramid with angles of atoms of the molecule of water, and with the living world of the planet. There are examples and references in the book. An example of the ancient games is given in a book "Everything about chess" by A.Karpov and E.Gik in which a symmetric position was maintained during 30 moves with other human chess logic, other rules of the game. What are they?? A silence of thousand years. When I studied the magic square it turned out that chess centre contains a half of the constant. Let us look at it with greater attention. If the centre is to be coupled, and it has been coupled already with the angles of the chessboard, then there appears a flat projection of the pyramid with truncated apex. We count the small squares: 1+1=2+3=5+3=8+5=13. Well, this is L. Fibonacci's golden row, a law of genetic propagation of humans on the planet, seen from a chessboard, an element of esoteric knowledge! Compare a matrix of the chessboard with a matrix of the magic square of Benjamin Franklin, an eminent scientist of the 19-th century, with a matrix of Leonardo da Vinci's Canon, with matrices of the energy-field structure of the human and of the Solar system. These are things of one order. Chess is a very complex monument of the second kind after the Great Pyramids which reveal the mysteries of the Universe, but chess players continue playing White and Black wooden pieces: And where did supercomputer (super-electronic calculating machine) appear from, which has outplayed the champions of the world? It was M.Botvinnik, the first out of chess players, who revealed the connection of figures with chessboard in conformity with a man-made intellect of "Caissa" electronic calculating machine. In writing a book "The Divine Chess", I have outlined a task - to show people the world of complex Divine chess as an echo of the lows of the human himself who was created to God's likeness, of the laws of the Universe.

Y.P. , how did your book come into world? And why do people live as if they are alone in the Universe, and the unique chess is a thing of Earth-dwellers or spiritual civilizations up above? What's your opinion?

Firstly, without a quick and real support of the President of St. Petersburg Chess Federation, S.G.Serdyukov and vice-President, B.M.Khropov "The Divine Chess" simply would not have seen, the world, and many people helped me at the stages of writing a manuscript. I take the occasion to acknowledge and thank them! Secondly, today we are the fifth Race on the Earth. Atlantis was the fourth which could maintain contacts with other energy - keeping worlds, and those in other measurements. Separate sensitives , the initiated (today there are up to a million of initiation on the Earth) maintain contact channeling even today. At first I wrote a booklet, consulted (as I have already said) with M. Botvinnik, I was inviting IGM L.Yudasin to be a co-author: Nearly all chess players who read the first book complained of the difficult - to understand material, complexity of esoteric notions (but where can we go from them?). Yes, esoteric books (esoteric is a science of the Universe for the initiated, where "eso" is internal, " terra" is Earth (territory), or internal mysteries) are complex for a human educated in the spirit of crude materialism, they are for the spiritual, inspired readers, those who are seeking truth. Many people criticized me, and I wrote an easier - to understand book, but a book volume increased three times! Unfortunately, I am obliged to sky that many chess masters think little over internal problems of chess. Of course, there are exceptions: international master A.Yuneev who studied sacral (sacred) geometry, Master B. Nikitinykh, who helped me at turning-points of my creative work with a Chinese "Book of Changes", international master P. Bogumil, with whom I continue dialogue correspondence: In esoteric book "Genetic Code of the Universe". T.S. Yakubovskaya showed graphically general united Foots of TARO system with DNK molecule, with socionics, with the pyramid, and I myself still fight for chess! They have united matrices, principles of structure, phenomenon regularities. It is impossible not to mention the ancient Mystery of "The Flower of Life" by Drunwalo Melhicedek which has been written not without help of Hermes Trismegistus ( today!!).

Y.P., why do you study this problem and why do you consider that life exists in many measurements and on many planets?

Speaking the truth, many people consider it so. American academician Z. Sidchin showed in his " The twelfth Planet", "War of Gods and People" that life existed in the similar form on 12-th planet of Solar System which astronomers are seeking untiring. In order to find it (it rotates perpendicular to the planes of orbits of the known planets) one must have a powerful telescope directed from the Earth poles what is unreal for the current day. The "Hubble" telescope alone is capable to answer this question as it has opened already 1500 new galaxies. By the way, other-planet dwellers who are safe and sound in the USA after the wreck of their space vessel ("flying plates" in common parlance) call a star system Zeta Rezinulli 1 and 2 which is seen alone from the southern hemi-sphere. They gave photographers of the 10000-years ago Earth. What refers to the life in other measurements, scientific researches confirm that we are not alone on the Earth: Shambala, for example. It has such a defense that one cannot simply come up to it. I am not original at all so far as many questions are informed to other people through contacts. channeling both formerly and from a moment of founding a Theosophical Society (1867) by great E .P.Blavatskaya in London. The truth is simple: "The Divine may be perceived only thanks to the divine capacities!" And do we all possess or wish to posses the Divine: telepathy, clairvoyance, teletransfer to distances?

Y.P., your opinion, please, why do chess players live according to a principle: "We are one family", and other people do "It is no concern of mine"?

Everybody, or say so, the most people at present are materialists. Their spiritual essence and consciousness is at the second place. At first (they think of) education, work, material troubles. But the spiritual must be at the first place. Love of parents, family, Motherland (!) naturally what characterizes a personality as a man (woman), a citizen had patriot of his (her) country. I can repeat, honestly when my knowledge accumulated, there arose desire to speak about it, to pass ahead of other chess players (a not them only) of other countries. I'm proud of Russia, and I've tried to express in the book. I'm preparing its second edition. An interesting interpretation of the name of the country arises from a reverse reading of the word Rus and Sur (asur) according to "The Mysteries of the Doctrine" by E, R. Blavatskaya i.e. ,from the gods - asurs who lived for nearly on the territory of powerful and glorious, Hyperborean where the mighty river Ra was flowing known now as Volga. In the UNO one sees a habitual table "Russia", at the place of our delegation during assemblies, the first two letters of which are at the numbers of the cars, in the Internet. Other variations of interpretation of the name 'Ra - ssia' are better set forth in "The Divine Chess". Yugoslavian chess Master Pavel Videv has written a book "Chess and Cosmos". Unfortunately it is written in the Serbo - Croatian and it has no diagrams, and verbal information is not very persuasive usually.

Y.P. , now there is an acute and insecure situation, on the Earth a complicated situation in Iraq. How may threat to the Earth planet, be eliminated which is made by people because of their unrestrained craving for power and hegemony?

The answer at this question is clear-cut and not mien, but from contact sources. In so far as the planet "Earth-3" which was ahead of our "Earth-2"in time for 200 (two hundred) years blew up as a result of nuclear war of its mankind (mankind on Mars perished also from a similar war), the Highest Powers of Cosmos will not permit unleashing of thermo-nuclear catastrophe: too valuable and dear is an experiment which is put over the human at a biological plane. Everything will be done in order to preserve us. We're very valuable, we all are Gods.

Y.P., move concretely, please, by what is we so valuable?

Human thought is Divine in structure, some separate elements (excuse me that I repeat) are given in the Book; it is eternal, we are eternal, we must develop our spiritual basis, joy of life, but no to be in pursuit of "a spare car". When I wrote the book, I was infinitely happy; I wrote it not for myself. In practice, I got no income from it. The book has been written for people, chess players, and for Russia. I believe that a spiritual book is created. You have seen its cover: it is dedicated to the sacred city!

Y.P., what changes will Readers see in the next edition which you've planning?

In comparison with the published issue some new moments have been just touched. I'd like to touch the construction of Russian language which is the nearest to the Devanagari, the language of Gods. I have a raw manuscript "The Elements of English for two hours". Carl Marx affirmed that Labour made a Human. It's not true in principle: in realty Word-Culture-Spirituality, created the Human, and Labour might help only. And where do you order to refer a telepathic language, which "Homo Sapiens" mastered? To my mind, Spirituality of the human must always and in everything be put at the first place as a locomotive. By the way, Russia remains a spiritual country nevertheless in spite of vulgar materialism, a Russian does as well.

Interview and commentaries have been prepared by International Master Sergey Bystrov especially for the "Chess Week" (

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