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Yury Ryzhkov, Russian Master

Chess literature market in the country is saturated and being filled up` constantly with new interesting publications.

A book "The Divine chess" by Yury Petrovich Ryzhkov, Petersburg's Soviet chess sports master, is of special interest among them. Yury Petrovich worked at this book more than five years, having read and checked up of order 400 books for trustworthiness on the basis of true criteria. Chess players evaluate this titanic work differently: from "it is interesting" and "it may not be" up to "an abstruse book!". No wonder, "how many people, so many opinions". I have decided as they say, to clear up the situation and get answers at first hand.

Yury Petrovich, what is your regard for the interview in "B&W" from March of 2004?"

The prepared second edition of "The Divine Chess" (the title of book will be reserved later on) expands the materials of magical chess squares and their connections with chess pieces: for example, Mercury planet magical square and Indian nasik. India for me always was a great mystic land with rich spiritual culture in which Rama and Krishna lived. By the way, Rama born in the environs of Omsk (Western Siberia, the Omm river - the Indians know OMM mantra!), where roughly 300 000 years ago Hyperborea (Russia) fought with Atlantida and after defeat Rama flew a way to India. India today is mother-land of Avatara of planet of Bhagavan Sry Satia Sai Baba, whom the 2 Part of "The Divine Chess" is dedicated. As a mystic and esoteric, as a follower of Satia Sai Baba, I am not wondered quite at chess news exactly from India.

"Yury Petrovich, can you report to our magazine readers new interesting information about chess history?"

There is new information, but it is not mine, it is of Jesus Cruce (further, brief extracts from channeling from 13.05.2003.) 1. "Dear Sergey, the chess game arose not in India, as it is accepted to consider on the Earth, and not in Egypt, though I told you already, that still 2000 years ago we played chess, learning in the Initiation Schools of Mysteries".
2. "We, Hierarchs and the Lords of Earth Planet, not only play chess at one's place, talking between our selves, but also carry out often chess tournaments. Recently we had quick chess tournament and Budda God shared first place. He often shares first places in quick chess, as Vishvanatan Anand does it on the Earth in the Third Measurement".
3. "And when the next civilization was at a deadlock not developing Spiritually and Morally, then it was destroyed, and other civilization came up to take its place. And a new civilization developed almost anew. And now, Yury Petrovich, I will explain you what I told briefly in the previous letter. When Germes Trismegist accepted the Knowledges, which existed earlier in Atlantida and in others previous civilizations, then the Knowledges about the game chess are given him also. Germes Trismegist was named by the Egyptians The Cronicler of The God and The God of The Wisdom also. But He gave these Knowledges from The Hierarchy and The World".

Yury Petrovich, what would you like wish our Magazine readers?"

In the first place, I wish the magazine publishers to change the name for "Whites and Dark Blues". A small remark for combination of colours of contemporary chess pieces and pawns (I cite from "Divine Chess book). The white chess pieces by colour and name are in realty yellows, goldens, sunnies, life-likes, and the colour of the black chess pieces should be changed for dark blue (wisdom, spiritual colours) to black colour, Antiworld colour counterbalance, deviating from fight of colours: whites, light carrying colours and blacks as black energy colour, Antiworld colour. Even chess-player's speech is gloomy: "Whites and blacks" and we propose: "Whites and dark blues". And we wish readers of Magazine:" Deviate from calculation of points and "halfs" in tournament tables and concentrate on creative matter of games, methods and ideas. It retains a trace in the life of man.

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