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Astrological 2010-year forecast.

"The 2010 year will be better than the going away, but it begins rather poorly: a lunar eclipse will take place in December 31. We before and week after, the time is nervous, sensual background is unstable, malice is splashed out outside, and attention and adequacy perception of the world become dull. All this lays on public merry-making. Crimes exceeding the limits of good and evil may interfere at those days. Tragedies and catastrophes being provoked by men's factor; inattention, hope of luck inability to act in a critical situation are very likely. It is important to note in principle that the prophecies of astrologists are not always realized directly. The tragedy may pass by if you have felt it in soul, if you have been troubled enough, analyses your uneasy thoughts read a suitable book and made right conclusions, in other words the lucky star has affected your personality. So sometimes a misfortune may turn out as a feeling of failure. From time to time it allows suffering one's illness in the easiest form. A year of love and passion is waiting for us, the year of important discoveries and our personal achievements. And nobody will be bore stiff in 2010! All the year you will catch the signs of fortune which will push you practically by force onto the right road. Nearly all of us have a feeling just now as if our life be not our own. The next year will reveal reserves of your personality and even of your body. The year of improvisation and creative work. The year, when it may happen that what could never take place. The year of searching other decisions, forgotten difficulties which are to be solved again, but in another way, will return to us. And the year of true friendship, it will be valued as never in the past! But even if you are at some moments in tight straits, remember that the light has already been seen at the end of the tunnel. November 2010, it is time when we reach the bottom and begin rising evenly from ruin. We set hopes on 2011 which will become a year of luck for the most signs of the Zodiac.

Balancing on the brink.

The going year has proved to be less disastrous than it was presaged by astrologers and delicate and clever analysts. It is excellent. But nevertheless it is too early to flatter themselves with and make optimistic plans for future. The coming year of Tiger can hardly be named measured as well. The crisis had not dispute somewhat cheerful statement of the public figures. It has concealed itself for a time, as it is done by tiger prepared for springing. In general, one should understand that the work and even duty of politicians and economists is an economist is to inspire people with optimism even if there are little grounds for it. But it is not worth forgetting that the dismally memorable year of 1998 also passed under a sign of the destroyer-Tiger. In 2010 the three far planets globally attesting Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus will run from sign to sign and backward. Such "a vanity in itself changes sharply a general's energetic of the Earth and direct effect on the moods of great masses of people and the course of political and economic affairs. At the same time, next year, the far planets will twice create destructive configurations (squares and oppositions). These are signs of constructive changes in the society, politician, economics, and tenor of life. So, a very tense astrological configuration, the square of Saturn and Pluton, has already been making up. We shall feel the effect of that tandem very likely the most negative of all possible till October 2010. The state of delicate equilibrium in which the global economics is being held may be broken at any moment. Even an insignificant shock, for example, bankruptcy of a very small company, bank difficulties either default of small country in the Eastern Europe, or in the Latin America may provoke crumbling full of markets, oil prices and money troubles through out the world. And Russia here will not become an exception. There is growing possibility of unprecedented technique catastrophes, incident with nucleus object and atomic weapon (Pluton). Not excluded are actions of the army and other force structures in the world, which will try to take power into their own hands (Saturn). Great is a possibility of internal struggle and split within power department which will sharply affect the whole society. High is a danger of the destroying not the infrastructural object only, of big building and constructions, but of economic and political institutions, shaking up of government and resignation of government heads of countries. More particularly alarming are months January-February, May-June, also the second part of August and September. But, without considering the square of Saturn and Pluton, transits of other planets can pour oil on the flame.

2010 horoscope forecasts by zodiac sign.

 update 21-02-2010 

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