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Legends and facts?
A.Alekhine. The bibliography.

"... Alekhine was very prolific chess writer - he wrote eighteen books".

" Through a prism of half a centure " by S.Flohr, Moscow., " Soviet Russia ". 1986, p.70.

It is easy to specify a number of books, it is more difficult to make up the bibliography. The most solid /? / book list given by I. and V.Linders in their book "Alekhine" contains... fifteen titles. There are seventeen names in a section of the book "A.A.Alehina", however, the four of them are repeated. But in another place of the "Book about tournaments and matches with participation of A.Alekhine" are given two more being done in the co-authorship. Other Soviet authors either gave a review of the Russian editions only or limited themselves to a sacramental phrase: " The most popular books by Alekhine", and it followed enumeration of several book names. In 1992 German historian G.Braunberg summed up at last a special study. There are eighteen book exactly in his bibliography. One could come down on that but we should recollect the exchange of opinions with the deceased I.Romanov. He believed, it should be more books. If it is not myself, then who else? And I have undertaken drawing up of the complete bibliography. I have looked through hundreds of books and magazines. As a result I have found out that A.Alekhine wrote twenty two books. A one more published in Germany after his death is attributed to the world champion. Seventeen books were written by him personally and five in the co-authorship. There are some Alekhine's manuscripts. I have listed only two, there are bibliographical references only them. The majority of books were repeatedly republished in different countries, and nine were translated into Russian. The complete list of the first editions in the English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French is hardly probable to interest readers but if someone will find out more, I am ready to exchange information.

A.Alekhine. The bibliography.

The books written by A.Alekhine. There are Russian translations.

The books written with co-authors.

The note.
- Books NN1,3-7,11,12,19,20 are translated into Russian "Chess" Encyclopaedic dictionary, Moscow, 1990. p.213.
- In book N14 all parties of a match with A.Alehine's detailed comments are given.

Unpublished manuscripts
I. Chess parties of A.Alekhine, 1907.
II. Wettkampf Aljechin-Bogoljubow, Triberg; VI-VII, 1921; Turnier zu Triberg, Juli 1921, 1921.

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