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VIKTOR CHARUSHIN, International Master ICCF

Black Pierre (PR) in the history of chess
Reuben Fine and Efim Bogoljubow

The more monstrously is the lie, the easy it is to believe

Presently, when black PR has became a norm of life, no wonder even how Mark Twain depicted it [1], and "recommendations " of Don Basilio from "the Barber of Sevil" are rather actual

As a rule, passions run high during election campaigners, however all somewhat notable personalities are subject to ostracism. The first Russian champion of the world in chess A.A.Alekhine was disgraced most of all. It is well known, that Osip Bernstein was at the head of a going of slanderers abroad, and in Russia a certain V.Melik-Karamov. Though his accusations [2] were refuted by A.Alekhine's relatives in a line of arguments in the article "Why (and whom) is the lie about the Russian genius needed?"[3], V.Melik-Karamov reiterated his lies in the telecasting which was dedicated to the fourth world chess champion

Less known are the facts of persecution of another Russian chess genius Efim Bogoljubow. Now a new insinuator Reuben Fine is strutting on the scene

In this time he made his contribution into Anti-Alekhine campaign [4; 9] (later on, R.Fain called A.Alekhine "a sadist of the chess world". [9]), and by his own momentum he transferred his malice and hatred into one more Russian Grandmaster. Here we should make a retreat deviation. In the manuscript of my last book about Bogoljubow [5] by mistake or intentionally, pages of the history of "reabilitation" of a contender for the title of world champion were withdraw, which was being continued... for five years. To sun up, Bogoljubow missed several cycles of playing in the World Championships, and by that he made much easier the winning and consolidation of title by the Soviet chess players

Let us restore at least one little-known episode from biography of the E.D.Bogoljubow. Let us turn to the facts the details particulars of which were set forth by well-known chess historian, Edward Winter in his "Chess Notes" [6]. In his book "Lessons from My Games" Reuben Fine wrote: "If anybody of Bogoljubow's rivals appeared in Germany, he sent them into nazi-concentration camps" [7].

R.Fain presented this affirmation as a notorious, irrefutable fact. Nobody could defend Bogoljubow's honour, the more so he himself died in 1952.

Nevertheless, when the passion subsided a little, the chess public became to demanding from Fine the particulars. Who exactly proved to be in a concentration camp?

The American kept mum for a long time, but finally he did not stand and answered to Sydney Bernstein on his insistent request. And here is what that man informed:

"I inquired him (Fine, - V.Ch.) about Bogoljubow's evil actions.The only name of a man he could recall as sent by Bogoljubow into concentration camp, was Dr. Seitz (Dr. Seitz J.A. - V.Ch.). However it was ascertained soon that Dr. Seitz was not at all in Europe during the War. In 1939 he came in Buenos Aires as a journalist to illuminate "The Tournament of Nations", the VIII-th chess Olympiad. As many other chess players he stayed in the South America. There testify to it his advertisements in the Argentine magazine "Caissa" with offers of chess lessons and simultaneous games. For example, 1940, VII, p.198; 1942, XII. It is known of Dr.Seitz's letter G.Helms, sent from Buenos Aires in March 9, 1946

More than that Mr. Ken Whylts informed:

"I have know Dr.Seitz well. He and his wife have visited me many times at my home.

Dr.Seitz has never been in Europe during the War".[8].

Thus, the declaration by R.Fain is in itself a typical example of black piarre. The methods of slanderers do not change with the time passing. Everybody will know of the foul sensation and propagate it throughout the world, but the few will read the refutation which may not appear at all.

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