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Dmitry Kucherov is star-wiser, historian, sociologist.

He graduated from the Leningrad State University (history faculty) in 1965, further on studied at the postgraduate studentship under guidance Vinogradov K.B., history Doctor, a noted chessplayer and worker elaborating the famous Leningrad variation of Dutch Defence. It turned out so that did not succeed in defending the thesis, - says he, and I was working for twenty years as a sociologist (my second higher education) before going on pension. My father taught me chess before the war when I was five years old. Chess helped me very much during the War, turning away my attention of hunger. I was taught chess during one school year (1946-47) by Vladimir Grigorevich Zak at the Anichkov Palace (Palace of pioneers) with whom I held warm and friendly relations nearly up to his death. I was studying together with Boris Spassky and many others who became after-wards famous chessplayers and considerably forwarded me in that field. I'm a master candidate now and participating in chess tournaments by correspondence till nowadays. I had many meetings with interesting people during my long lifetime. In particular, in one of the last arrivals of M.M.Botvinnik we discussed a possible employment of algorithm elaborations of the "Pioneer" programme and how it can be used in practice, especially in economics. During one year 1988-89 I was a coach-adviser of Gata Kamsky. I knew that there existed such science astrology still at school, but I was interested in Astrology in 1970 alone. And it began so. At a conference of the Soviet Sociological Association (Moscow) one famous scientist who worked in a system of the USSR Academy of Sciences gave me for knowledge as a present his work on typology of person. He classified all kinds of person at 144 types. Thus, he used 12 signs of Zodiac for working out his system. In 1989 I gave this work to Paul Globa for further elaboration. I became interested in astrology in earnest only in 1988. At the same year I got acquaintance with Paul Globa at a lecture and became a student of his "Urania" university (1989-92). After its graduation I continued attending his special courses for seven years (1992-98). Further on, I was busy as far as possible with self-education in this field of knowledge.
(From D.A.Kucherov's autobiography)

After such imposing introductory speech of the star-wiser, I asked Dmitry Alekseevich a number of questions which (I am sure), will be of interest to lovers of chess and not them alone. The meeting was appointed at a favorable 17-th moon day and developed very unusually.

- What is astrology? When did it arise?

- Astrology is not quite a science. This is a system of knowledge which was empirically accumulated for thousand, if not tens thousand, with in environment of the most educated people of those societies which existed before up and still exist now. It is believed that astrology is a science of luminaries and stars and it makes if close to astronomy. However, it studies connection of space and everything what exists around us and outside; everything what concerns a man, his psychology, abilities (capacities), life and social status, what aspires (strives), to the same system of values of society and an individual.. This everything may be calculated and described with the help of astrology. One may know that all often enough even without knowing personally beforehand a concrete man or organization. And not without reason one may imagine many famous people who lived very long time ago, and even modern generation with sufficient part of trustworthiness, if we know their date, place and time of a birth. At the time one may know also that their contemporaries did not see, that is their inner world, whether they were happy what their problems were concretely and many other things. There exist many different trends and schools in astrology. There are many sources of it as well. There is a very ancient Indian astrology which uses precession of stars, and they (Hindoo) have other interpretations, than the European, Western astrology. The Chinese astrology, the age of which is rather imposing, uses a well-known lunar calendar of 60-years cycle (which is quite popular in Russia). A so-called structural astrology (astrolog Kvasha is busy with it in Russia) is based upon it. The Western astrological school has most of various schools. Our most famous star wiser Vronsky studied at a special institution in Germany. It is known, that he was G.Guess'es personal star-wiser, A.Hitler's deputy in the party. There exist Avesta's (astrology the most ancient according to many adepts as well which uses the knowledge of ancient Persians and ancient Aries of which I am an adherent). There is a classical horoscope in Placidius' system, Kokh's horoscope which is used in the main in the West, Djamaspa's (Brahma-guptacs) one, and also a horoscope of Porfirius. The last one predicts State's position and, situation and sometimes, for particularly outstanding personalities. Both scientists and representatives of other professions as in ancient, middle age and in our contemporary societies. These are Herodot, Socrat and Platon, Hippocrat and Aristotle, Al-Birouni and Paratzels, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinsky, Copernicus and Kepler, Galileo, Timerleng, Spinosa and Leibnitz, Freid and Jung, Goethe, Walter Scott, Stendhal and Pushkin, Victor Hugo were interested in an astrology to a greater or less degree. The whole number of scientists who were at the same time scientists and astrologists, such as: Claudius Ptolemy, Hefestion the Thebean, Leo the Mathematician, Ibn Ezra, Cornelius Agrippa, Campano (from Nauvarra), Iogann Mueller, Michael Nostradamus, Jan Batist Morin, Placidius de Titis, P.Flamberg acted that way. They just created special systems of horoscopes. A famous Russian seer - monk Abel who created his own system stands somewhat separately. One must note such outstanding Russian astrologists, as Vasily Nemtchin (Russian Nostradamus), Dmitry Rostovsky and Simeon Polotsky. Ome may say that of late in connection with contemporaneous development of science, there have appeared now system of horoscopes (Morinus, Koch, Witte, Polish and Page, etc.)

- What problems can answer and solve astrology? What different trends (directions) exists in this to "system of knowledge"?

Astrology may be a user of different sciences and professions (political, geographical, medicine, historical, pedagogical, psychological, economical and etc) states, and trends (directions) in the life of humanity of Earth planet itself. Besides, astrology takes into consideration factors coupled with movement and people on the planet. Thereby there change currency of their life. There are many factors which influence human's life, and astrology tries to take into account all of them, giving these or those other recommendations and prognoses, or making up each specific horoscope. It is another thing that it is useless and absurd to evaluate infinitely every detail. Let us talk in detail of different professions. Here we may speak of helping people's professional orientation (choosing a profession) and also men's professional fitness in the personal office. Certainly, astrology as a system of knowledge is volumetric enough, therefore in the given case, we shall discuss, how astrology taken into account capabilities of chessplayers and how chess is correlated with an astrology. As is known, the chessboard contains 64 (sixty-four) squares. If we proceed from Pythagorean figures then chess is an eight-faceted square, and astrology is coupled with the sphere which we observe from the Earth. According to the last data all Universe is structured in the form of multy-faceted squares. Therefore so-called power fields act both on the Earth, and in space. The man himself as a micro cosmos has to some extent a crystallized structure. Astrology is based in these basic data which were known to the ancient... Chess consist of several kinds of troops and different figures. Some scientists-astrologists believe that every figure is connected with some elements. Say, a pawn (warrior) is connected with Fire elements, (Mars planet), Knight - with elements of air (Merkurij planet). Rook with water elements (if may be coupled with a number of planets, such as Venus, Moon, and the Neptune), Queen with ether, or tree elements, etc.

- Can astrology answer a question, say, whether Topalov used the help of a computer during his games, or not?

- The answer can be done on this question with great probability enough, but additional information of Topalov is needed for this. It goes without saying the more specific a question, the greater calculations and researches should be done.

- Since some time astrological prognoses are being published for the various period of time on Zodiac sign in "The Chess Week" and in many others. To what extant is it expedient to perceive them?

- These prognoses concern the positions of the Sun itself for a certain moment within these Zodiac sign. Nevertheless they are counted for stellium of planets (great number) which are situated within that sign. That is, for a typical or any other sign. According to statistics it touches directly only 0,1-0,5 % of the humanity. Therefore one must treat such prognoses carefully, just the functions of the given signs can be displayed at some moment of the time by quite other planets. But something may be used as well.

- Well, as I suppose one may treat in the same degree prognoses for a year when there can be marked days of luck, caution, or unfavorable days for every of 12 the zodiac signs.

- Favorable and unfavorable days of the zodiac signs in the press and calendars coincide accurately only for 0.1-0.5 % of all people and to a considerable extent concern only 2% of them, but not all of them! Besides one must not take it take it as an absolute. Firstly, not all astrologists are conscientious at the same time they as all other people can make mistakes! Secondly, characteristic of the days depends upon aspects (angles) of the Sun to these or those planets which are considered to be kind (Floodlight (Jupiter) and Venus) or evil (Saturn, Mars). At the same time evil and kindness act not upon all people, but only on those who do not go those ways (first of all, spirituality) which they are destined to pass. Thirdly, one must consider characteristics of year, month, as well as those days at various astrological calendars (for example, sun and moon calendars).

- What specializations are present in astrology?

- There are narrow profile professionals, for example, astropsychologists, astrosociologists, astropedagogs, astrophysicians, etc. There are wide profile astrologists who work in - between, different directions; it is they who create new systems in astrology, busy with writing various textbooks and aid manuals. High level astrologists study and execute orders of the government. I would like to stop at problems of chessplayers (team). I believe, the Russian selected chess team at the last Olympiad should have been accompanied by a psychologist, and even better by an astropsychologist. A great mistake of the leadership of the team consisted in under men's, personal and collective factors. The psychologist should have helped forming the team for a specific match, could take off stress, or put out conflict if it took place. As a parallel I can bring an example, when objectively world - strongest football team (Brazil) could not take a place even on the pedestal of honour because in decisive matches it had no team spirit. And just the way about, the French, or German teams, without having such brightest football players as Brazilians, succeeded in reaching much greater, success. The similar situation happened with our Olympic chess selected team.

- Let us speak of the planets which mostly influence a man in general and a chessplayer in particular.

- Well. Each planet influences a man, his character, capacities, predestination health, etc. when it is present at a moment of his birth in the man's horoscope. The Sun, it is the strongest planet, responsible for our ego, spirit, our self. The moon, it is our emotions and intuition. (Psychea was, as you remember connected with the Moon). Psychea it is our soul, our psychology. Mars is responsible for our will, our aspiration to act or do anything. Mercury is responsible for our intelligence, education and contacts. Venus is responsible for our attitude towards nature, art, for our love; for everything what we love, value, try to keep in store. In such a degree she is coupled with wealth. Ancient astrologists called Venus our less happiness, Jupiter is our great happiness, or planet of kings, and it is authority and power. It is also aspiration to widen knowledge, and territories; if it is our pivot, our purpose, it is what we strive to achieve during all our lifetime. Ancient considered Mars to be a less misfortune (wars, aggression and destruction are his worst qualities), Saturn is a greater misfortune (he is responsible for Time, and it is known how our lifetime is ended! The planets from Sun to Saturn (Sun and Moon are planets are well in astrology) were long since observed by people without telescopes. They are called septeners, or the seven. Rhythms of these planets (number of revolutions of planets around the Sun) are being observed man's life (Saturn makes 2-3 revolutions during man's lifetime). But there are the highest planets; they are coupled with generations and do not always influence man's life. Such planets as Uran, Neptune, Pluton, and also planetoid Hiron. One may mention Hiron here which makes its revolution around the Sun during 51 year. But the highest planets also play a greater role in the life of the chessplayer. Here we may mention planets not yet just discovered and fictitious planets. It is Proserpine called in the honour of Persephone, Pluton's wife (Aida), our angel-keeper Selen and devil-tempter Lilit, and also so-called lunar knots. All these planets are in ours cosmogram. The cosmogram and zodiac sign are responsible for various behavior stereotypes, psychology man's abilities, that is what we are given from our primary days. There is such a notation as Horoscope, how watcher in Greek. Horos means a degree ascending at the horizon in a moment of man's birth. There are very many systems by which a horoscope can be counted; therefore we shall not stop at each of them. The cosmogram, does not depend upon the place of man's birth.

- Significance of what planets is most important, in order to determine chess abilities of a player?

- The planets of Mercury, Saturn, Proserpine and Hiron are most important for chess abilities. The planetoid Hiron has not a high status, among all champions. That is understanding of partners and good relations between rivals are not always present. Let us agree it was always present especially during matches for world championship. But as chess abilities are taken in their totality this factor for champions of the world was not so important! Mars as a will power factor, as chess is sports, especially at present! Esthetics of chess (chess as an art) is important both for players, and spectators, Venus is responsible for this! Venus is strong by Steinitz, Smyslov, Petrosyan and, in particular, by Spassky! Sun is very important for strength of mind and display of man! In this sense is better three champions - Alekhin, Botvinnik and Smyslov have proved! Moon proved the strongest by Botvinnik, Tal and Spassky! The most harmonious champion (according to planets) is Botvinnik, the second index is Alekhin!

- If we take as a basis horoscopes of great chessplayers and analyze their horoscopes (or cosmograms) in more detail, what conclusions may we come to?

As to the champions, according to two horoscopes of G.Kasparov and A.Karpov, Karpov has a strong will (Mars) and a strong Pivot (Saturn), his other parameters are weaker! Kasparov has strong Venus (aesthetithism, and good outcome), Neptune (carried away by ideas), and Saturn (the Pivot and purposefulness is weaker, than Karpov's, but sufficient to reach his purpose). One may say of other world champions, basing upon their cosmograms: Saturn is weak by Steinetz as well as Uran (intuition, new ideas), he re-worked everything what had been before him, and he has very good Mercury! Mars, Jupiter and Venus are also of adequate status! General characteristics for all champions, according to planets, which influence their professional activities, will be such as follows: strong Proserpine for Lasker, Capablanka, Alekhin, Eiwe, Botvinnik; average Proserpine for Petrosyan, Karpov, Kasparov; strong Merkury for Steinitz, Eiwe, Botvinnik, Tal, Petrosyan; average Mercury for Lasker, Capablanka, Alekhin, Tal, Spassky, Karpov; weak Mercury for Smyslov. Strong Saturn is for Lasker, Eiwe, Botvinnik, Karpov, and Kasparov. Average Saturn is for Tal, Spassky, weak Saturn is for Steinitz, Capablanka. Strong Uran is for Alekhine, Tal. Average Uran is Karpov, Spassky; weak Uran for Steinitz, Capablanka, Eiwe; Strong Mars is for Steinitz, Capablanka, Alekhine, Smyslov, and Karpov; average Mars is for Lasker, Eiwe, Tal, Petrosyan, Spassky, Kasparov.

- Well in conclusion, Dmitry Alekseevich, I would like to ask a rhetorical question: "What is a day to come preparing for us?"

- At the nearest weeks we will become witnesses of two eclipses. There will be a Moon eclipse on the seventh of September, and Sun eclipse, on the 22-nd of September thereby it will be a ring one. That is, the Moon will not cover the Sun entirely, - the influence of such eclipse touches the states and inhabitants of our planet which will be in the zone of visibility of the same eclipse. The Moon eclipse will be more painful for men, just the way about than for women! Most of all eclipses touch people, who were born those days in orbits (plus-minus) up to 3 days (even though in the past years). These people should be especially vigilant! The aftermath of their actions will influence the whole year! And all the people irrespective of their date of birth are not recommended to begin anything new, to go for far travels and carry out serious actions! The aftermath of your deed will display much later on. The 15th of September is a medium point (orbits is plus - minus 12 hours). At that day everything can take place just the way about. But you must not be afraid of do not forget, that "Stars incline, but do not bind to"! And, the main thing is "forewarned means armed "!

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