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Everything about chess...


Personal site by International Master ICCF
Mike Donnelly (England)




Something about chess
Articles, fotoes, news, links, etc (English, French, German).


Petersonal site by grandmaster Sergei Tiviakov.
Photoes, biography, the best games with annotations...


Morosevich digest
Biography, photoes, games, and another information about grandmaster Morosevich.


Site of Jeremy Silman
It's 100% free, already has over 400 pages of content (with new material being added all the time), and has a powerful team of players offering their insight into many areas of the game. My site also offers a large amount of non-chess content (under "Digressions"...Movies, philosophy, and check out Bobby Fischer's astrological chart), but chess is the main focus.


Roman's personal site.
Forum, articles, fotoes, news, etc .




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