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Intergalactic Meeting with Arthurian Guards.
Channeling: Sefera 24.12.2009.

Dear friends, this material was received by me from my friend, International Master Sergey Dyachkov (N.Tagil, Russia) at the beginning of the year, later on I have received other changelings from Sefera. Very interesting is the information given by Lee Carol to me from magnetic Master Krayon. However, possibilities of the direct contact with the Highest Powers have not been a secret for a long time and not once demonstrated to the public. And whether a honeycomb telephone with its function of video communication and transmission by TV channel was not long ago a fantasy?! Time has changed and may be it is not worth being conservative?!

If it is possible give please information of what is taking place on our planet? What is about the meeting you have had with Arthurian Guards, Keepers of the Great Equilibrium of the Earth?

- Sefera, captain Sirius is speaking with you. I am greeting you.

- Captain, I am also greeting you on behalf of all the team.

- It is a very important and very serious theme for discussing. The thing is that the Great Equilibrium is disturbed on the Earth, and it looks like that the process is irreversible. This problem is not for us and even not for you, as you are just going onto the trajectory 223 (2023), and it is an enormous crisis for your hierarchical social system. A vast layer of particular power, a kind of magnetic constant has come into motion on the Earth, understand? Its motion causes all changes observed by you. Breaking the Great Equilibrium was foreseen by the Highest Plan, but everything had begun taking place much earlier, than we have expected, that is why, our emissaries have already begun to contact people visually so that the people will be accustomed to our heaven slips and have not been afraid of coming aboard.

- Captain what is expecting the Earth? What means breaking the Great Equilibrium?

- It means EVERYTHING MAY HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT, understand, Sefera? we are on our guard. But we do not know when the thunder bursts out. And whether it will in general burst out. Everything depends upon a critical mass of light or evil on the planet. On the whole, the situation is still stable and controllable, but it is developing. Breaking the Great Equilibrium it is a wave and incessantly accelerating parallax of all facets of the crystal of your reality. Great Powers have come into motion. The mechanism is being launched. Everything is possible now: endless miracle and that what many earth people, from their point of view, would consider being undesirable. A Magnetic lattice has begun its inter-space bends Master Krayon has done his best he really worked much it is HIS WAY. He has done everything so wisely and fine, as always in a stile of his cosmic genius. We all are just under His protection alone, His all-absorbing mystery and we do not now what we should wait from that. You know well, Krayon likes surprises, and he is a Master of Surprises yes, he is a God in that.

- And what have you discussed at the meeting? Was it secret?

- Yes, certainly, it was secret, but I shall tell you now about it and all the Universe will know about it. You are only a herald, can do nothing of it. I am joking. It was a closed meeting, but secret for the earth people. We discussed all possible variants of breaking the Great Equilibrium on the Earth. The Guards-Keepers have come into motion, it means, they bring into motion all the sacred mechanisms of the Earth, which will bring into motion all the elements of the world: fire, air, earth and water. The Arthurian Guards-Keepers of the Great Equilibrium have informed us of that suppression of the process will cause its global striking up, and that nobody has any right to influence the process from aside. Waters and earth of the planet have come into motion. The Earth is ready to reveal its hidden sacred Cup. It is ready to be born anew and make itself free from unnecessary load. They have informed that we should not undertake any adjustments and correction. Everything will happen very soon, as it is conceived by Creator. But the main thing is that Mother Gaya has declared us at the meeting that she is ready for this event, and she will depends each person, who is synchronized with her through love under her personal cover, and safeguard him for disembodiments and sufferings. Nobody can not argue against the planet, ready to its evolutions. The humanely and the planet are united completely. This is one of being and therefore if Lady Gaya declares us that she is ready then, we present a great performace: Heaves are being revealed. Revealed are heaven cups, star cups and Great Light will rain and of them onto the planet. This is being given as a Gift of salvation. Who will perceive this Miracle, he will copes with changes to come.

- Say, Sirius, is this not Armageddon? Breaking the Great Equilibrium, are these cataclysms? Is it that what people call the end of the world isn't it?

- Well, probably, yes, but the end may be of different kind. This variant is the best of all possible for the world. Illusion is broken, if stumbles at what may not be in the world of the man, what is not inserted in the program of existence and perceptions. Many call of the end of the world. But I have already told you today that five millions of the most bulky cosmic saver-ships, each of which will endure minimum five tons aboard are allotted by the Galactic Hierarchy and upon a Great Benediction by the Central Logos of the Universe to save dwellers of the earth. We intend to take aboard and to save All, absolutely All Those Who Wish to survive and Preserve Their Biological Body for Further Evolution on the Earth. We shall rise aboard all those who want, and adaptation conditions have already been made for people on our ships. The life atmosphere itself is existing aboard and everything what is needed for a human being. People will be in mode of endless time, all those who wish will pass study courses of spiritual and physical renewal. There will be meeting with representative of the Galactic Council of Light Hierarchy. Legions of Saver and Healer Angels will be called abroad who are to work very much. People will be able to wait for global change aboard our ships which a part of Cosmic Family which man enters into, when the Earth comes into condition of Equilibrium, after its clearing all of them will be landed out again onto the Earth. And only afterwards a problem will be solved what is to be done further on + somebody will go out into the Upper Golden Level of the planet never to return. Somebody as usual will not realize it. And somebody will continue tuning and creation in two worlds at the same time. But certainly you understand that the Earth will be quite another after all these changes. Nothing will remain here what could remind you of your slavery frontiers, and social system: Everything non-harmonic and unnatural will is absorbed by magnet of the reactor of the change...

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