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"Thank You, Yefimych..."
Review of the works by G.Y.Nesis.

Hello dear chessfriends!

Today we will speak of the books by Russian Merited Trainer, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, ICCF International Grandmaster G.E.Nesis well-known in Saint Petersburg ( in Leningrad before that). Gennady Yefimovich is more known as the trainer of World champion Alexander Khalifman, let us acquaint ourselves now with his works as well. In 1998 books by G.Nesis and A.Khalifman was published in the Ukraine and Kharkov basin, and in the year of 2000. These two books deal with one common theme of tactics. The role of openings preparation and performance riges in our computer age with each coming year. I believe nobody must be convinced with it. On the other hand, the more shortened control of time makes an ambitions practical chessplayer be armed with and remember by heart all the more openings variations and ideas. This allows to save on precious minutes and energy during chess game. One can affirm boldly that the authors anticipated peculiarities of struggle in the modern chess. G.Nesis has devoted himself to studying tactical blows and methods for a long time. He has published such books as , ,and other in different languages. Thus, studying that, or that opening a chessplayer masters its tactical ideas as well which are characteristic with this opening. Let us well in detail on two books in Russian issued by the Publishing House in Kharkov for the first time (editor V.V.Elianov).

In the book dealing with tactical ideas in Grunfeld Defence the authors give a detailed analysis of the important games which were played in the most popular and problem variants of this complex opening. Studying them reader will increase his opening erudition and master ideas and methods characteristic this dynamical opening. Subject exercises included in the book enable them to check up their mastership of the complete cated events of the game. In the second book the same authors analysis more than hundred important games which have played of late. Forty exercises will help consolidate the knowledge obtained. The both books are original openings monographs. The most important games are included therein which have been played for the last ten years. At the same time, they are manuals as well which help penetrate into the depths of openings formations. The selected games A.Khalifman planed enclosed at the end of these two books.

Today's review is completed with a story of the book "Alexander Khalifman", which is issued by the Publishing House in St.Petersburg year of 2000. G.Nesis described in detail progress, making, and growth of his chess man in ward A.Khalifman from the beginning of their co-operation in 1983 and up to his winning a title of the world champion in 1999. There are say so digressions from the main theme which determined by the contents of the book. Author permitted philosophical reasoning, for example, about the role of art, esthetics and beauty in chess. The opinion by M.Botvinnik is given: All this adds to the work by G.Nesis a scientific. I would say, discussion character. The author writes about himself and really large enough role in disclosing potentialities and talent of A.Khalifman after he of the Palace of Pioneers where he had studied with merited trainer of the Russian Federation V.M.Byvshev. Ninety three chess games were commented by the author in detail, not without A.Khalifman's helping hand, his principal tournament achievements and photos enlisted. In conclusion the author has thanked everybody who helped him to prepare his book, and all those who complimented great success of Alexander Khalifman in his ward at FIDE world championship in Las Vegas, 1999. The famous chess veterans Alexander Vassilievich Cherepkov and Andre Liliental are especially distinguished among them. Nevertheless, heavily concealed bitterness as a result of non-recognition and ignoring by some MASS-MEDIA the pages of this by no means outstanding book.

In the special issue of regional Petersburg's magazine devoted to the victory of A.Khalifman at the FIDE World Championship, well-wishers managed not to mention the name of a man, who devoted seventeen years of his life to this victory... However, whether it is worth speaking when he heard from the lips of his man in ward crowned with orchids (instead of laurels) in Las Vegas.

In his incomplete fifty-five (G.Nesis will celebrate his anniversary quite soon in May, 22), Gennady Yefimovich is full of strengh and creative plans. Let us wait impatiently from his for new books and striking victories of his pupils!

Translated by V.Sergeev, from Pushkin city.

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