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Russian book's hits of 2004.

Hi, dear book lovers!

Today in the beginning of New 2005 Year, I want to remind you of those remarkable books which have been published in the passing year. Talk will turn to the best of them, that is "the hits" as they say in jargon of the modern "PR". Of course, it is subjective, and each of you can make up his own list without effort. Nevertheless, what is on the mind readers most of all.

1. 1. Undoubted leader on a number of sales, there cannot be two views here, in Garry Kasparov's third volume, "My Great predecessors" done in cooperation with Dmitry Plisetsky. One of my American readers liked it the most than the first two. Research of the creativity work of great chessplayers of still some the recent past by an active leader of the rating list who, by the way, has become of late champion of Russia much impresses indeed! I remind, that the third volume is devoted to T.Petrosian and B.Spassky the ninth and tenth world champions, and also to S.Gligorich, L.Polugaevsky, L.Portish and L.Shtein, claimants upon that title as well.

2. The publishing House "Russian Chess Home" edited two-volume book of V.L.Korchnoi's creative work "My 55 wins by White" and "My 55 wins by Black".

I think, these quality commentaries of the games by Victor L'vovich are highly estimated by his readers. Author shares generous thought of his games and analyses as will without making Reader troubled over numerous and ramified variants. Just the way about he tries to show by simple and accessible means what took place or could take place on the chessboard. V.Korchnoi re-worked his own commentaries, he added up wherever it was needed and somewhat improved them in the light of modern understanding of the openings theory; with the help of "iron friend", computer program "Fritz" either he made a final verdict either upon bold sacrifices or choosing the line of defense. V.Korchnoi's two-volume book is of undoubted interest both for common amateurs, and chessplayers, who want to enhance their level of chess understanding. Commentaries to the games are made, I would say in the style of masters of the past which has got continuation and in Soviet time as well. I would say, methods of interpreting the material by the author take into account all the pluses of the previous decades of turbulent development of chess thought, and modern ideas of computer analysis as well. The unique status of the work of Victor L'vovich lies in this book. It must be noted, that the edition of his book in the West was met by European chess circles enthusiastically.

3. Third, in my opinion, was Sergey Shipov's book "Hedgehog". It is first serious research of an opening structure which has been called "Hedgehog". It is intended both for amateurs, and qualified chessplayers, who wish to widen their opening and playing horizon. The book volume impresses - 576 pages, and it consists of the three parts! We have here both "English hedgehog" and "hedgehog with "f3" pawn and "rare hedgehog". Saying of the evolution of chess thought about this or that variation, author gives examples of valuable games, with very good commented.

4-5. Methodical manuals "Programs of training of chessplayers 1 category and Master candidates and also II-I categories" are made up by International masters G.Bogdanovich, V.Ivanov and and I.Odessky

upon the basis of the famous programmes of training by V.Golenishchev.
Both manuals are made up for 75 lessons with home-tasks. The books are printed on good paper, with large letters and diagrams. It widens the borders of teach-in perception from a methodical one to a valuable textbook. The material is renewed considerably, by new examples being given out of practice of the leading chessplayers of the world.

6. Quite in its time there has been published in first volume of the six-volume book "The Opening by white according to Anand, - 1.e4 ". The author is A.Khalifman. There is an obvious monographies a chess-book market in Russian. And finally the serious publishers have paid attention upon it S.Soloviev has been publishing for a long time and himself writing chess books. His series "Chess Stars" is well-known far beyond Saint Petersburg and Russia. But all this was accessible formerly to the western reader. And now there has come the turn of our reader. Read please about this book in detail in a small review to come.

7. The name of Paul Keres is not forgotten nowadays. In 70-ies years of the twentieth century there was published a book by V.Hewart about this remarkable chessplayer and man, but alas it was not accessible to a wide circle of Soviet chessplayers as it was written in Estonian. Now there is no Union already, national "passions" have become less and now the book "Paul Keres" by Hewart has appeared in the Publishing House "Olympia Press", Moscow.

8. A well-known author Ja.V.Damsky has written down a unique, of it sort, book. Its title "Records in Chess" speaks much. It was accepted that there were no records in a chess, excepting some lying on the surface: the shortest, the longest game, the longest reign on the chess throne: However, chess is more than game, it is a miniature of life. And for the first time in the chess literature this book will relate of record achievements and cases nearly in 100 nominations in direct relation to chess.

9. His book also "King Boris the Tenth" may be called as long-awaited without any exaggeration. It is evident already that it should fill in within an empty niche in series of "Great Chess Masters", and it speaks of World Champion B.Spassky. Some unknown pages of the life of great chess player are given in it for the first time.

10. Re-edition of the book "The Third International chess tournament. Moscow, 1936. " under editor V.Barsky has been prepared for a long time. The tournament selection book which has become a bibliographic rarity will speak of one of the most interesting chess competitions of first half of the XX-th century. The Third World Champion J-R Capablanca re-lived in middle of 30-ies his second youth and played easily and with inspiration. The Moscow tournament, 1936 gathered nearly all the flower of a world chess, but the Cuban of genius provided to be irresistible! It is recommended for a wide circle of chess amateurs.

11. An original "Selection book of chess problems, studies, puzzles" has been made by V. N. Pak. Practical chess play is often called prose of chess composition is poetry. The book leads you into a wonderful and beautiful world of chess poetry, makes familiar with an art of a chess composition which is indeed inexhaustible field of the ancient and wise game. The author tried to choose samples of masterpieces and also works of half-forgotten chess composers of the past whose names and creativity work must be restored to life. ' The fifth chapter of the book it is devoted to master A.Seleznev. His 100 etudes are given which were published together only once, in 1940. His name has been buried in oblivion for many years...

12. Also "hit-parade" is completed with a book was coming from under the pen of well-known fruitful author V.Kostrov (in the co-authorship with P.Rozhkov) , it is a "Chess solver book B". 300 positions are distributed in the following sections: One-move mate. King pinning. Figure in wait. Stalemate. It is expected an issue of four books yet in this series A, C, D and E. The themes accompanying the tasks, are doubled in German. It is curious, that it was the unique book from under V.Kostrov's pen the past year.
There appeared still more adequate books behind the twelve best. They all are offered in our shop. The literature may be ordered if you write to e-mail:

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