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Hi, dear book lovers!

The current year is outstanding that at its very beginning chessplayers have already got such a remarkable gift as the fourth volume of "My Great Predecessors" by G.Kasparov and D.Plisetsky, "Fisher and Stars of the West", Publishing House "Repol Classic", 544pp with ill-s.

"An idea of making these books (this is about six-volume selection "My Great Predecessors" noted by S.B.) has ripened spontaneously, - writes A.B.Gromov, when in 1990-ies G.Kasparov was preparing small chess columns about the world champions for various European newspapers. Then there has appeared a summarized version of the chess paragraphs for the Russian paper "Sports Express". In these books (there have been published the four volumes until now) the thirteenth world champion is pondering over the destinies and creative works of the previous twelve champions and their rivals, over the century and a half of struggle for the world championship. Having reviewed the games under a microscope of powerful computer programmers the author revises many former appraisals and, in essence, totals up the development of chess in the 20-th century...". The fourth volume is, in the main, devoted to the eleventh world champion Robert Fisher and other three outstanding chessplayers of the West S.Reshevsky, M.Naidorf and B.Larsen. "Each of the great masters belonged to his time and was extraordinarily strong in those conditions. Each had his own style and his means to express it. It is so difficult to put them together as to compare the contribution into science introduced by Newton and Einstein. Each of them was great in the conditions of their time and occupied by right his prominent place in the world history. In today's epoch of Internet and new technologies the sphere of classical chess in which novelties are born, is narrowed quickly and considerably. Now any Grandmaster knows more than Fisher knew three decennials ago. While reading this book You will be able to get idea of the power and style of each champion, evaluate their contribution into the development of world chess and make up your opinion of who of them was stronger." The book contains unique photos and drawings from the archive of the Russian chess Museum, chess magazines and also from personal archives of Kasparov and other masters.

Interregional public fund "Mikhail Botvinnik" has issued a book "World Championship Match Botvinnik v. Petrosian, 1963 year." Moscow, 2005, 152 pp, Publishing House "Galeria".

"For the first time there has been published a book of the match in Russian, with commentaries of the same participants and their contemporaries; five games have been commented anew by V.Acopian, and one by G.Kasparov. The articles of match participants are given in the supplement, all the games between the rivals which had been played before the match, and other interesting materials for a wide circle of readers".
In St.-Petersburg a publisher, International Master S.Soloviev has issued a book, the second volume "White's Opening according to Anand: 1.e4". It has the same author, world champion A.Khalifman.

It is a voluminous and high-quality work (511 pages), and devoted to White's formation of an all-embracing repertoire after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4. Clear-cut recommendations are given to get advantage by White in Spanish (Ruy Lopes) opening with the move 3. ... a6. Author discusses practically ALL answers by Black and suggests (offers) the strongest White's move to each of them. An Opening Monograph is intended for chessplayers of any class qualification, from beginner to Grandmaster.
Well, the year 2005 has begun with publishing a book "One learns analyzing blunders... in order not to repeat them" by L.S.Verkhovsky, 232 pp.

"A noted chess literary man and trainer Leonid Verkhovsky offers a sudden, but exemplary and effective enough method to learn chess analyzing stranger blunders. In avoiding them he teaches how to master ideas and techniques what need chessplayers of all levels, from a chess novice to Grandmaster!" The same untiring Publishing House "Repol Classic" has issued this book and the following one, which re-publishes chess literature optimistically believing perhaps that it will help chessplayers to improve their education, and not the chess one alone!

And the latest novelty book "The Components of Success, Everything about attack, defence and counter-attack" by Ya.Damsky and M.Tal, 512 pp. has been just issued already.

"All principal components of the middle game and essence of chess game on the whole are investigated in the book by ex-world champion M.Tal and master Ya.Damsky. Typical techniques and methods are indicated which a chessplayer of any qualification level is perfectly in need of, some of them are formulated and substantiated by the authors for the first time and their knowledge will make readers find an easier search for right ways in chess practice. The book is intended for the widest circles of chessplayers: from beginners up to masters". I should add from myself that it is a selection book. Herein books which "have been published" already are included, however, a part of them has been re-worked much more and equipped with new examples and chapters. The literature may be ordered if you write to e-mail:

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