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"Art of Chess. Part 1"

Hello dear chessfriends!

After ten book reviews on kasparovchess sites and his right successor worldchessrating as they say, it is to be continue! I try not only to deal with contents of a book, but sometimes to follow the history of its writing, and to reveal other particulars about its author, or principal hero as well. I am grateful to You for positive responses and constructive remarks, and count on them further on!

Today our story goes about two books issued in Publishing House "Ripol Classic". This Publishing House presented seven books to chess amateurs! And there are much more in a working paper-case! Well, let's take everything in succession.

The most voluminous and unordinary book - "David against Goliaf" which has been published already the manual of chess strategy and tactics, designed on the whole with the computer games". The book, however, consists of not only the computer games. David Ionovich confided for the first time about a conflict of the personality with the System... It is spoken of the work by two outstanding personalities: D.I.Bronstein grandmaster, chess record pretender to World chess crown and S.B.Voronkov, one of the most well-know chess reporters in Russia. The foreword has been written by Garry Kasparov himself. After successfully undergone heavy operation in 1990 David Ionovich begun a new life.

Doors opened into the free world and he did not fail to take advantage of this in full. Garry Golombek called D.Bronstein in his article "The fighting Bronstein" a Peter Pen of Soviet and world chess still in 1977. ": though Bronstein is highly devoted to his native Russia, his mind is independent, and he himself lives in constant conflict with the Soviet ruling bureaucracy". D.Bronstein's free flight began in April, 1991. "During more Western countries than throughout all my previous life". And he did not which were played out first of all in tournaments with computers and computer programs pass as a red line through his all huge manuals.

""This is not a chess book, this is the life book", - said in my presence David Ionovich to one of distributors his immediate "original work"... The book consists of three chapters, each of which contains a lot of small stories. These are reminiscences of the meetings with the strongest chess players of the world and with interesting people. Such as: Bent Larsen and Boris Spassky, Victor Korchnoi and Jan Donner, etc... And still more photos, interview, articles by the respected admirers of talent of David Ionovich. One can speak of this remarkable book very long, but it is much more interesting to open and read it, to enjoy , D.Bronstein's deep and unordinary thoughts and original chess ideas.

Here is for example, one of them: " I reflect not variants, but ideas!" In this, - considers S.Voronkov, is the secret of Bronstein's creative and human longevity. "I could ring him up early in the morning or late in the evening, and there was no case that he would say he was tired, or that I rang up untimely: Bronstein gets to know chess as an artist, and not as a scientist... And he does not want that chess would become one of computer games..."

The book by E.Gufel'd's "King's Indian as long as my life", who is one of the most faithful followers of "Bishop g7", is dedicated to one of the most complex openings.

The main idea of the King's Indian Defence according to the author, consists in the struggle against the pawn centre by white figures which should be supported in time by pawn counter blows. King's Indian Defence is an asymmetric opening! Well where, tell me, in what symmetric opening can Black fight for initiative and count on counter play still at very beginning of the struggle?

The book consists of two sections. In first section E.Gufeld offers mainly to familiarize on well commented games with the history of ideas in variations which were in mode many decades ago! Many of them are actual till now. In the second one there follow modern finding and investigations of "romantics of our days".

All notes are given in Russian, what is a great rarity for an openings book according to modern lines! 104 games of World Champions and applicant to the rank, and extra-class Grandmasters are waiting for an inquisitive and advanced Reader. Those who regard as of paramount importance not only the creative work and will power, but knowledge and love for studying one of the most difficult and popular openings!

At the next review I shall continue to acquaint you with novelties from Publishing House "Ripol Classic". Reference periodicity of review issues are one - two times a month. Remain with us and love the book.

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