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Hello, dear lovers of books!

At the time of Summer holidays and the coming supertournament in Dortmund, I offer you review of books of the series "Chess Stars".

Author of the project International Master Sergey Soloviov began the literary activity ten years ago. His first debut was a research of the creativity of eleventh chess king Robert Fisher.

Practically all in detail-commented games may be, of the most mysterious and unpredictable world champion were published in Madrid (Spain). The whole team of St.Petersburg chess- players was busy with commenting the games in light of theoretical state of openings.

The well-known Grandmaster Leonid Judasin was a chief editor. One should note, that the main peculiarity and advantage of "Chess Stars" series books are the following all the games of this, or that outstanding chess-player which were played in the tournaments and matches are given with complete comments, without cuts, even anew, often changing appraisals of combinations, ideas and notions having been accepted already. Besides there are given statistical data chess tables of tournaments and matches, selection of games by openings indices. After the first test of his pen S.Soloviov enters creative work alliance with Bulgarian International Master Semko Semkov. Olga Krylova does technical editing, and the chief-editor (nearly without interruption) is Alexander Khalifman.

In one word, four volumes of Michael Tal's all creative chess body (1946 - 1992 years of his sports career) were issued from 1994 to 1996. Further on, the collection of all games of the third world champion J.-R. Capablanca were published in 1997. All serious games of the Grandmaestro were commented in these two volumes. They are proved to be 647. More than that the researches of the creative work of the second world champion Emmanuel Lasker was issued in 1998. It is known that during his more than fifty years career (in truth, with interruptions) the outstanding strategist played of order 650 games. Their research was carried out as always rather thoroughly. The book appeared in the same year which is not fully enter the author is general literary trend "Boris Spassky's 300 best games" cover evidently only the best in creative work of the tenth chess king. In M.Botvinnik's opinion, Boris Spassky does not yield to anybody of the known players in history of chess. And no wonder that far not all succeeded in buying this book. It became an absolute bestseller of the "Chess Stars" series. And more than that, in 1999 there appeared quite a unique, present research of M.Chigorin's creative work, "Michael Chigorin the first Russian Grandmaster". The selected 200 best victorious games were commented, and 575 games else were given in short notation. Thus, the law of a genre (the creative work of the genius maestro was covered in all) was observed. And native and foreign chess amateurs got possibility to meet with new researches of games of Michael Ivanovich. The book was published, however impossible opportunely and devoted to the 150th anniversary from the birthday of the Russian champion.

The majority of chess-players have already known about many of the above-enumerated books. Again the two-volume book was published into the worked 2000-2001.This time the games of Michael Botvinnik, the first Soviet world champion were subject to a new research. The games, which had been played from 1924 to 1948, formed the first volume, the second from 1951 to 1970. "In the history of chess his name is connected with an epoch of hegemony of the Soviet chess school. Botvinnik has worked out a number of original ideas, has enriched the theory of endings with valuable analyses. More than 1100 games have been by Botvinnik in the tournaments and matches..." And the latest information of creative work of the great chess-players is complete selection all serious games by Alexander Alekhine. The most of the creative work of one of the most significant figures in the history of chess is covered. In two volumes, which have published, the third one appears still up to the end of the year. The language of the "Informator" and English are used in all the books. Now from the "Chess Stars" series monographies out story will turn into somewhat another channel. In 2000, S.Soloviov presented a new "Chess Stars Openings" series. Its author and editor world champion of 1999 A.Khalifman "Opening for White according to Kramnik 1.Nf3". So is translated the name of the whole series of books, three books were issued, the final fourth is being prepared for autumn. It is an intriguing name, is it not? Whoever of practical chess-players would like that his openings repertory were "distributed on the shelves" (known to all).

However, do not make hasty conclusions. This series is called to help a chess "half-professional" study the needed minimum of variants, which can arise after 1.Nf3 (White). Professionals can get something as well. Here there is a considerable amount of analyses and revelations. The creative team worked harmoniously and did the work rather well in quality. Well, Alexander Khalifman put a final verdict. The first volume discusses Indian defence, Old Indian defence, and "Anti-Grunfeld". The second one does "Anti-Nimtsovich", "Anti-Quoin Indian defence", "English Opening", and some rare variants. The third most bulky volume includes "Marotsi System", "English Opening 1...c5", "Holland defence", and some modern variants that for the tisane being have no long names! There are suggested openings themes by A.Karpov for Black. The book "Opening for Black according to Karpov" has appeared in 2001.

Entire eight popular openings systems are studied in it. The last year publication of the book "Supertournaments of 2000" became a new creative idea of S.Soloviov and his chief-editor A.Khalifman. 300 detail-commented, most interesting games from the most important tournaments of the past millenium are given in the voluminous finely edited book.

And as continuation of the subject of tournament textbooks I present you with pleasure quite a "fresh" book "Linares of 2002" but in Russian. All the games are commented by Well-known grand master Konstantin Sakaev in the most detail, but not on having been "on-line" regime basis statistics is cited on all tournaments in Linares and review of each tour is given. Our chess-players have not already had such a favour for a long time! It is difficult to name the tournament text-book of not far past where all the games of supertournament were so discussed, and more than that in light of modern chess theory. The review of all openings variations is made also. The unique book will be price-reasonable. And this is by no means and advertises meant move. I believe, many Readers of my reviews will not remember, that I could praise anybody's work without grounds. And still little known author can write a good book, it is true just the way about as well. The venerable author "makes slips" sometimes, overestimating the last successes and old deserts.

I remind, that practically you may buy practically any book in one of the best virtual shops on our site BS-CHESS. The form of selection and sorting of the books of interest is worked out with due regards for your wishes. Soon the information of this or that book accessible will be presented for You. Happy summer holiday and till new meetings!

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