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Pardubice Festival "Czech Open - 2005".

The chess festival "Czech Open - 2005" passed fifteen (sixteen ??)** times in Czech town Pardubice having 90-thousand population. I asked "Czech Tour" director Dr. Jan Mazuh to say of its features and many other things.

- Pan Mazuh, has the number of tournaments increased in the "Czech Open"?

- Yes, it has. Last year 'B' tournament gathered more than 500 people. It is from the one side and from the other at present a minimal ELO - rating is 1601... There fore the 'B' tournament we have divided into two B1 and B2. Now everyone has a right to choose what tournament he wants to play in. This year we have carried out still a European championship of Japanese 'shoggy' chess. A record number of football teams (38) have taken part in the tournament.

- And is return of chessplayers to the "Arc arena" necessitated?

- Yes, now we are using two playgrounds: the "Arc arena", their play of order 1000 people and "Ideon", here C and D tournaments are carried out, their numerical strength in 500 participants. It is not simple to place more, for there will be less playground for every pair of chessplayers. We take care of the play conditions of our participants.

- I think You have still at what to work in this direction. Well, appearance of sensor devices and translation of the games of first five pairs of the principal tournament in real time mode at Internet, is it a tribute of time?

- We use Holland DGT boards for such translation, they have recommended well themselves. Czech firm "Topo - plus" services them. It is easier to watch the play of strongest chssplayers sitting at the big screen.* * I add from myself that the great area of the stadium has allowed organizers to place a projector behind the screen. Thus, its use has caused no inconveniences.

And nevertheless there are less Grandmaster in the main tournament than in the past. What is the reason, what do You think?

- It is indeed so, Grandmasters have come 15 less, in return there are International masters by 20 more. Average rating of "A" tournament has increased in 6(six) points. And "non-arrival" of some Grandmasters is connected with their participating in the European team championship in Gotheborg, which has coincided in time with our festival this year.

- And how does the "Czech Tour" develop?

- I remind that it includes seven tournaments into itself. The forthcoming tournament in Olomoutz is starting in a few days and carried out still the 20-th time. We are planning to have approximately 300 participants in the Open. There will be also two circular tournaments with the norm of Grandmaster, and three master ones.

The main tournament win by Andrei Kovalyov Grandmaster from Byelorussia who gathered 7,5 points in nine rounds. After the eighth round he and two Russian Grandmasters Vladimir Potkin and Eugene Nyer had 6,5 points each. At the last day Kovalyov had to play White versus M.Olexienko from Ukraine. The game continued long, less experienced Ukrainian chessplayer could not offer an adequate resistance. The Muscovites played in-between and decided not to tempt the fate. As a result, V.Potkin was second according to additional indices, Eugene Nyer was fifth. A pleasant surprise, the fourth line took a Russian, Moscow student, Andrei Kharitonov, judging by everything, he still fulfilled a Grandmaster's point. 20-year Sergey Asarov, Minsk Grandmaster occupied the third line, having out playing technically at the finish A.Moroz, Grandmaster from Ukraine. Perhaps, out of all five winners he demonstrated the most interesting game playing, and he got fewer indulgences from his rivals than other prize winners. All four gathered 7(seven) points each. It is interesting that one German chessplayer, International master Thomas Henriks found himself among the first ten, the rest were representatives of the former USSR.

At grand dinner the winner of tournament A.Kovalyov confessed, in order to mitigate disappointment of Czech comrades that their compatriot did not become a victor, that he had been playing for Pardubice club "Bauset". Not for the first time I throw light upon this festival which according to general indices is incontestably the most man, interesting and well-organized in Europe. Remember, in 2002 I spoke out a number of critical remarks in the article "Czech Open - 2002", is it worth going" which was published on "Kasparovchess" site. Is it casual or not, but impartial statistics showed next year a less number of Russian participants from 132 in 2002 to 123 in 2003, while in all previous and successive years there was their growth alone. Representatives of other Russian chess 'mass media' prefer, regularly not to observe anything negative. And only critique allows attracting attention of organizers into the direction in which they should work, in order to make their mission still better? And chessplayers and their accompanying persons would get then a hell of impressions and less negative emotions! For the most people coming to the "Czech Open" it is not only acquisition of precious experience, but time of vacations as well. Indeed, it is made a great deal on organizational plan level. The participants are granted transfer(?)*** from the airport. The weather this year made us glad for its variety. For two weeks that we have been in Pardubice its daytime changes have been marked from 15°C to 39°C. The last is an absolute record. At this day I have not been able to avoid temptation of being free from the game and running to one of aqua-parks where "it has been simply crammed at that day". By the way, it has been organized in the aqua-park a free night bathing for tournament participants as well. At that night (July 29) temperature has hardly lowered over 30°C. Czechs behave themselves free in a European style in the nature and even in public places. It is coupled with high culture. But they are restrained emotionally, sportive very much and nevertheless they find and have time to enjoy their excellent beer and wine, and know when time is for business. "Beherovka" perhaps is more contributing to health it is a tincture (a kind of liqueur) of spirit, grass and Karlovar water. It is amusing that even when it is 39°C hot, hockey training has not been called off. And our chessplayers have seen hockey men passing in full uniform to train at their spare grounds. I have not liked only one thing. An overwhelming majority of notices before a round or during different ceremonies has been doubled in English alone. And that is not always and everything. Interpreter's English has not been distinguished with "Harvard" pronouncing. A total member of participants of the "Czech Open - 2005" is 1488. Out of them 302 represent the former USSR. There are more here Czechs (470) and Germans (309). If we add here 109 Poles who mostly understand Russian and representatives of Israel, it will turn out that English-speaking chessplayers may be outnumbered. Russian in chess became international long ago, however, one must pass a way from understanding of this incontestable fact to its realization. I hope the organizers will understand it, and to do it is in their interests. Nowadays politics penetrates all spheres of life what is not admissible in respect to sports. So to call this fact a happening is hardly possible. It was still not so long ago, that organizers had even no tournament regulations in Russian at all ...

Aqua-park daily (day).

Before the very visit I learnt from authentic sources, from a Russian diplomat workings in one of our consulates in Poland, that it does not pass a day that "spears" would not be thrown to our address at the Polish TV. Is it worth wondering a last incident with Russian grown-up boys? No wonder if anything takes place in other former brother countries in the socialist camp. I have already been in the town of Pardubice for the eleventh time. When my army friend, a doctor who had not been playing chess for many years already, observed professionally: "Well, You "have sat". However, every year organizers manage to introduce something new into the festival what makes it unlike the previous one. In a blitz- tournament for VIP- persons, besides local legislators, businessmen and sponsors, there has not already for the first time participated famous hockey goalkeeper of Czech selection team Dominic Gashek. One is difficult to imagine that Russian sportsman of such level has come and quite unselfishly taken part, publicly in such a competition. He has gathered, in all, three in nine games what is not bad for him, but is this the main thing? Of course, all chessplayers have greeted him sincerely.

Aqua-park daily in the evening.

Pan Mazuh's creative effort is being continued, and it means that tournaments of "Czech Tour" series are foredoomed to live, and I hope, to prosper!

on the left tournament director Dr. Jan Mazuh, in the middle is a great chess amateur and in the past famous hockey goalkeeper of the Czech selection team, Dominic Gashek

Out of our Petersburg chess delegation more successful than others like at the past year International master Pavel Anisimov has performed who got 6,5 points. As a result he took 17-th prize-winning place. A victory at the last round brought to Oleg Biryukov the third norm of International maser. He had three victories on the credit side and they all were over representatives of the fair sex. The coaches' work with Ekaterina Korbut brings its fruits even in his own practice. Vladimir Pogosyan our best chessplayer among medics (he is a fine stomatologist) was near to fulfilling a master's norm. Having five points after the seventh round he had to "hold" only in one of two encounters left. But his examiners were severe, and master's norm is being put off for the present. The third prize among chess veterans fell to lot of experienced Vadim Faibisovich, he had 4,5 points, but he is for sure not satisfied with his result.

After finnishing of tournament great participant "Czech Open" well-known Ratmir Kholmov. In the centre A.Kovalev, to the left V.Shtyrenkov.

Pan Mazuh's creative effort is being continued, and it means that tournaments of "Czech Tour" series are foredoomed to live, and I hope, to prosper!

Kovalev,A (2548) - Pribyl,J (2392)

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