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Nesis Cup

At 10.15 sharp by Moscow time exactly, as it was planned according to a protocol there took place an opening of rapid chess tournament "Cup of G.Nesis". Chairman of FIDE Training Committee Yu.S.Razuvaev delivered his speech of welcome. He pointed out great merits of jubilee hero before chess and chessplayers with whom Gennady Yefimovich had to meet in life.

Further on A.V.Bezrukov, deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Administration head of the MO "Kirishi town settlement" spoke to the assembly. He wished both to the jubilee person and tournament participants successes and also expressed his confidence that the present tournament will serve as a good school for popularization chess!

Participants of "The Cup of G.Y.Nesis" tournament, second on the left is Ju.S.Razuvaev.

From right to left are M.Novik, A.Khalifman, K.Sakaev, E.Alekseev, D.Komarov and S.Janovsky.

First stage.
In the first round a draw was played by Janovsky-Khalifman and Sakaev - Komarov. Novik beat Alekseev.
Second round: Alekseev-Khalifman 1/2, Komarov- Janovsky 1:0, Novik- Sakaev 0:1
Third round: Sakaev - Alekseev 1/2, Khalifman - Komarov 1/2, Janovsky - Novik 1:0.
Fourth round: Novik - Khalifman 1/2, Alekseev - Komarov 1:0, Sakaev - Janovsky 1:0
Fifth round: Janovsky-Alekseev 1:0, Khalifman-Sakaev 1/2, Komarov-Novik 1/2.

Second stage.
First round: Khalifman-Janovsky 1/2, Komarov-Sakaev 1/2, Alekseev-Novik 1:0.
Second round: Janovsky-Komarov 1/2, Khalifman-Alekseev 1/2, Sakaev-Novik 1:0.
Third round: Alekseev-Sakaev 1/2, Novik-Janovsky 1:0, Komarov-Khalifman 1/2.
Fourth round: Komarov-Alekseev 1/2, Khalifman-Novik 1/2, Janovsky-Sakaev 0:1.
Fifth round: Novik-Komarov 1/2, Alekseev-Janovsky 1/2, Sakaev-Khalifman 1/2.
Total: 1.Sakaev - 7, 2-4. Khalifman, Komarov, Alekseev - 5, 5-6. Novik, Janovsky - 4.

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