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The Fifth International chess tournament among jouniors - "Young stars of the world - 2007".
Vanja Somov's memorial.

Town of Kirishi, Russia15.11-28.11.08

"Young stars of the world - 2008".
Vanja Somov's memorial with IM norm.

15.11-28.11.2008, Vanja Somov's memorial.

A ship of participant of the sixth International chess tournament "Young Stars of the World" in memory Vanya Somov "cast off" and fulfilled of order: "Forward completely!" of the permanent captain, more accurately, of admiral of the Chief arbiter of the competitions Jakov Zinder. Today everyone is waiting to work days already, but a day before the solemn opening took place which had been preceded with a fine show. The Sea travel was made through the countries which representatives came up to start. A sea ship stopped in each of them, and dancing was done or a popular national song sounded. Chess unites people of different countries, and intense political relations do not hinder here. Therefore it is simbolical that a ship's way lay from Georgia into Russia across Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland and Byelorussia. One had to see in what genuine young artists fulfilled national dances and songs. I think the opening will leave an indelible trace in the heard of all present in the "KINEF" Palace of Culture full to capacity.

Greeting addresses and kind wishes to play successful were directed by V.Serdyukov, governor of the Leningrad region, A.Zhukov, chairman of the Russian Chess Federation, and by ex-champions of the World V.Kramnik and A.Khalifman to the tournament participants! Chairman of the chess federation of the North-West Federal Region Tarasov annulused a tournament open. Greeting words was said by A.V.Bezrukov, head of the town administration. Tournament director Awarded Coach of Russia Gennady Nesis digressed in short history and reminded, all present how many talented young chess players had got invaluable experience fulfilled

Master and Grandmaster norms, participating in the preceding five tournaments. E.Alexeev, S.Karyakin, S.Zhigalko, Yu.Kuzubov, F.Karuano, A.Volodin performed to their national teams in the tournaments most responsible. Commenting and discussing the games for pupils of "Gambit" chess club, for Leningrad region chessplayers has been done by the best trainers of the World, Grandmasters Yu.Razuvaev, A.Ubilava, E.Vladimirov, S.Yanovsky, V.Popov and others.

Simultaneous game sessions have been performed for the regional chess- players, and also the best out of the best military students of the cadets corpus. Ya.D.Zinder has made lotting. Grandmaster V.Popov has made a traditional simualtaneous game session against the strongest chessplayers of "Gambit's" chess club. D.Linchevsky ELO-favorite of the main tournament has performed against the best military students and young pupil. If Daniil has won all the games, Valery had to play hard and his rivals have successed in making five draws. Thus let the strongest win! We shall inform You of the course of tournament struggles.

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The six International youth tournament "Young Stars of the World" in memory Vanya Somov has started In Kirishi. The tournament will last up to November 28 in the Palace of the Culture. There are the strongest chessplayer of the World of Russia, including young girl (Georgia). Among the participants they are International masters D.Lintchevski, A.Shimanov (both from Russia), D.Swiercz (Poland), Ya.Zherebukh (Ukraine), FIDE Master A.Giri, V.Fedoseev, I.Bukavshin (all the three from Russia). And Nazi Paikidze (Georgia), A.Ganichev (Kirishi, Russia), R.Aghasaryan (Armenia), V.Kovalev (Belorussia) and F.Burak (Turkey) as well. Grandmaster lighting tournament "Gennady Nesis's Cup" tournament director, coach FIDE Senior will take place within the framework of traditional competitions. A big sports and cultural program is assigned for the present tournament.

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